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1937 Chemin du Village, suite 206

(819) 327-3534

Voir au bien-être de ses membres dans tous les domaines de la santé physique et mentale, tant sur le plan curatif que préventif.

Family Doctors

It is important to specify that the mission of the Coop Santé is not to guarantee a family doctor.

The mission is to facilitate access to local health care.

Become a member of the Coop santé and support this citizen initiative (more than 1900 members) which now allows more than 7000 appointments a year in our municipalities.

Over the last year, 1500 new patients have found a family doctor at the Coop. To this day, availability is limited.

The Coop does not guarantee a family doctor. To increase your chances of finding a doctor:

Procedure :

  • Verify that you don’t have a family doctor

    Verify with the RAMQ your status at 1-800-561-9749

  • Register on the Québec Family Doctor Finder’s waiting list at

  • After your registration at the GAMF, you can join the Coop’s waiting list by contacting us at

    You must provide :
    - Name on your health insurance card
    - Complete address with postal code (the one you’re registered at the RAMQ)
    - Phone number on which it is easy to reach you
    - Health insurance card number
    - Expiration date on your Health insurance card
    - Specify if you would like to have a doctor in St-Adolphe or Morin-Heights

  • In regards to those who needs to have access to the medical clinic, we ask you to register by e-mail instead of calling the secretariat.



Our Doctors


Dr Vanessa Gatti
Family Medecine
Walk-in clinic


Dr Richard Pilon
Family Medecine
Walk-in clinic


Dr Lisa-Marie Tassé
Family Medecine

Dre Eveline Gagné
Médecine familiale

Dr Marc Paquin
Family Medecine
Walk-in clinic


Dr Annie Filion
Family Medecine


Dr François Mercier

Family Medecine
Walk-in clinic


join the team of Coop Santé!


Coop Santé Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard currently has available time slots for half days or full days for new doctors.

  • Your schedule is set according to your availability

  • Secretarial services and office are available to you at a very reasonable price, depending on use



Coop Santé is located in the village of St-Adolphe-d'Howard and in Morin-Heights. Located 1 hour from Montreal, 30 minutes from St-Jérôme and allows quick access to the 329, Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, St-Sauveur, Morin Heights, Wentworth and also Ste-Adèle.

It offers many advantages for a physician interested in working and living in the Laurentians. In fact, we have an active and diverse municipality that meets the needs of people of all ages.

Here are some practical, attractive and important aspects that you will find within walking distance that makes for a great a work environment:

  1. Access to buses in the parking lot for either private or public schools of Ste-Agathe

  2. CPE called "Main dans la main"

  3. Recreation center where you will find a gymnasium, ball field, playground, three tennis courts and an ice rink

  4. Day care center called "Les petits Dolphins" right next to the Coop, which provides supervision for children during school and leaves

  5. Municipal beach with lifeguard, within walking distance

  6. Mont Avalanche ski resort is offering among other things ski programs for children in collaboration with the CPE, a nursery (0-5 years) in collaboration with "La maison de la famille" in addition to their programs and weekend club competition

  7. Youth summer day camp for at the recreation center

  8. Outdoor recreation center where you can practice cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and mountain biking

  9. Seniors' residence

In addition, the area is beautiful and has nearly 80 lakes, which provides the opportunity for newcomers to find land or homes for all tastes and budgets. Coveted, lakes St. Joseph, St. Mary and Theodor communicating waterway are special attractions of the Laurentians.



Coop Santé St-Adolphe-d'Howard and Morin-Heights :

  • Innovative clinic model: supported by three secretaries and one director

  • Accreditation "GMF des Sommets" which includes Cliniques 201 andClinique Des Sommets for the St-Adolphe Clinic

  • A dynamic team of 7 doctors, 1 IPSPL, 7 GMF nurses, 1 Physiotherapist, 1 Osteopath, 1 Orthesist

  • Currently has 10 offices all equipped for medical practice with computer and mouse

  • Computerized Secretariat with Kinlogix

Services currently offered:

  • Family Medicine Clinic (with appointment)

  • Advanced Access

  • Walk-in Clinic

  • Blood Test Clinic

  • Flu Vaccine Clinic

  • GMF Nurse

  • Physiotherapist- Osteopath- Psychologist

  • Preventive Committee

Interested? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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